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It's a fuckin' brilliant idea, it is.

It's not as if Chris has been planning it for long at all; it's just an idea he's come up with. Of course, the last time he went camping with his mates, Michelle's sister's car had ended up in the sea and Maxxie's stalker had shown up and had been shagging Anwar. Mostly, Chris had just been happy someone had been shagging Anwar, really, but the truth of it was, the whole thing had been a bit shit.

This is going to be different, though. Just a few of them, a night in the woods, no stalkers, and fortunately, Anwar's toad counterpart has been left back home. Not that Chris expects the toad to suddenly start shagging another toad off in the jungle somewhere, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

They've trekked a bit into to the jungle, far enough off the beaten path that there aren't any huts immediately visible. Someone's started a fire, and Chris is finishing up his makeshift tent-- one of the few things he remembers from cubs-- when he thinks of it.

"So who's up for truth or dare?" he asks, remembering something Claire said to him once, "I mean, unless you lot are all a bunch of pussies, that is."


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