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The last thing he remembered was forgetting Jal's name. It was fucking mental, really-- how could he have forgotten Jal's name? Jal was his fucking world, she was. The one person who gave enough of a shit to get him to try, and suddenly he couldn't remember her name, only that he needed to show her... her something.

That was the thing about brain hemorrhages, the pain was so much that you couldn't properly remember your own name, let alone the love of your life's. It was probably just as well; Jal was brilliant and it was really only a matter of time before she was gone anyway, off to music college to become something great, leaving him behind with his extra hole near his balls and his flat that wasn't really his anyway. That was how it always went, and even if Chris wanted to think that love could conquer something as fucked up as what he and Jal had gone through, his past had told him differently.

Either way, his head fucking hurt.

Somewhere in the background, he thought he heard Cassie, yelling or leaving or something, but with his hands over his ears and his eyes shut tight to keep the world from both spinning and blurring, he couldn't be sure. He used to like it when things spun and blurred, when the lights were bright and the music was so loud it was hard to think about anything else, but this was different. It was like his fucking head was about to split open or something, like the worst headache or hangover in the world.

Maybe this was it, then. He didn't know what dying felt like-- despite having been properly dead for three whole minutes-- but this felt fucking awful enough that it had to be it, right? The end. If it hadn't been for how much pain he was in, he might've wondered just what was going to happen to him after. He didn't know if he believed in clouds and harps and angels and all that, but if that sort of thing was true, at least he'd get to see Peter again. That'd be alright.

But suddenly, just when Chris was sure he couldn't take the pain anymore, when it felt like his head actually would split open, it all stopped. Like someone had turned off a switch or something. The pain was gone-- which was fucking brilliant, by the way-- and he felt normal again, like it had never even happened. It didn't make any sense, but he wasn't about to question it.

He took his hands away from his face and opened his eyes...

...and then immediately closed them, and tried it over again. This wasn't his room. It wasn't his bed. And he definitely didn't remember lying next to whoever this was lying next to him.

"...what the fuck?"

Fucking spliff.

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She'd awoken with the first warm press of another body against her hip. Surprised and pleased, Cassie had pressed closer, only to sit up when the wrist her fingers closed round was far too thick to belong to Sirius.

"Hullo, Chris," she says softly, looking down at him, something unreadable in her normally expressive face. There are simply times when Cassie isn't certain how much of her madness is affected, and how much is all too real.

She holds up a joint. "Spliff?"

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"You died, Chris," she replies, pulling heat and cloying smoke into her mouth as the joint flares to life.

He's wearing the same pajamas. There's no blood on them, and there's no blood on his face or on her hands, but inside Cassie's fighting that same urge to run.

"Don't you remember?"

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"Yes," Cassie says in answer to all, and she can't help herself then. She reaches down to tidy his hair, smushed into mad tufts and in need of a wash, and smiles as she sticks the joint between his lips.

"But. You're safe now. We can only die once, yeah?"

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"They all say no, but I think they're wrong." She plucks the joint from his fingers and back between her own lips. He's smiling now, whole and alive, and Cassie feels the sadness loosed inside her at the sight of him be joined by something else, something better.

"They say it's an...alternate dimension," she giggles.

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"Mmm, no," Cassie hums. "I was alone for such a long time, and then Effy came, and now you, but no one else. The rest are strangers. Very strange."

She lays down next to him and breathes a ring of smoke up at the patchwork ceiling of her tent. "Superheroes. Film characters. Goddesses."

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"Can't go back," says Cassie. Even if they aren't dead, that much is true. "All we can do is wait for them to come here." She turns her head, long tumble of blond hair softening her view of him. "She'll come, Chris."

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"Could do," Cassie agrees, even though she's not convinced she's left anyone behind to miss her. Only Chris, but he's not there to miss her, he's not anywhere anymore but right here beside her.

"It will be all right, you'll see." She nudges his elbow. "There are dinosaurs, too."

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Cassie giggles and wraps her hands around his arm, pulling them together. She's always been lonely, even with Sid, even with Sirius, it's something she's learned to live with, but she feels lighter now with Chris here. Happier. "I've not been to see them. We'll go together."

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Wonderful Chris. Of course he isn't afraid. "Little else to do here, apart from dinosaurs," she says. "All proper, grown up parties, not like home." She sighs and rolls onto her back. "No drugs."

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"No dealers, either," says Cassie, her soft voice regretful. "I had loads, but. I buried them when I tried to kill myself. Properly this time. And when I was allowed out again I couldn't find them." She sighs. "It was a very rainy month."

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"Sure," says Cassie, and she even means it, so long as Sirius is around. "Don't worry about the drugs." It doesn't hurt her to remember the water closing over her head, but neither is it what she wishes to think about just now. "I'm sure something will turn up, and there's alcohol, and there's spliff. Loads of it."

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"Oh yes." She loves the clothes box, so full of so many lovely things. "There's a box up at the military compound. It never runs out of clothes. But."

She grins. "I'm afraid you'll have to walk there like this. Or." Her face lights up. "We could raid a nearby hut!"