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Chris Miles ([personal profile] noonelaughed) wrote2012-07-19 09:04 pm
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Amnesia Plot [2]

It's a weird feeling not really knowing who you are.

Not free exactly, but almost like floating in space. Sure, he wakes up, he gets dressed, and there's usually someone who helps him find his way to the food-- the blonde guy mostly-- but other than that, he doesn't do much. People have tried to tell him things he likes, tried to get him to remember stuff, but mostly he's been trying to work out why someone would keep so many fish on an island.

Today, he's found a few moments to himself, and he's not sure how to spend them. He's thinking he might see if he can find his way back to where that building where the food is, but instead he ends up behind his house.

There's a stone out there marked with a name. Peter Miles.

Who's Peter Miles? Is he supposed to know him? Maybe it's his dad. No, the dates are all wrong, he would've been too young. Then why's it even back here?

He stands looking at it for a long time, hoping that something about it will help him remember, that maybe it'll all start coming back to him.

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