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[For Molly]

"No, I don't think so," Chris replies, because really, he was going to ask her if she wanted to leave, only she got to it first. But it's his party and his birthday anyway, so he gets to make up the rules, right?

"Though maybe it is. Fuck it."

The only question is whether or not his place or hers is closer. Why does he always have to have these things in the middle of fucking nowhere?
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"Oops," Molly laughs, biting her lip, clearly not really apologetic in the slightest. As far as she can tell, he doesn't mind, so that's all that really matters. No matter how fun the party may be, and it really is, she's pretty sure they can have more fun elsewhere. Kissing him again, she steps back, tugging him with her. "Well, I don't care if you don't."
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"Is that supposed to be some kind of line?" Molly asks with a laugh, clearly teasing. "Because I think we're kind of past needing that." She knows it isn't. Whatever he wants to show her, she hasn't got a clue what it is, but that's all the more reason to follow him, hand curled around his as she lets him lead her through the crowd.
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"No, no, I didn't say that," Molly assures him easily, glancing back briefly at the party as they move away from it. She'd known coming to this would have to be a good idea, but she hadn't expected it to work out quite this well. Maybe two weeks and a handful of days, in the grand scheme of things, isn't actually all that long, but it all seems like ages anyway, and this is already the best she's felt since the night her phone rang and the wrong person answered it.

That she's been so wrong about people in the past is probably a reason why she shouldn't trust him so easily, but she's not quite that fucked up, and anyway, there's no comparison. Whatever it is he's showing her isn't the reason they're leaving in the first place, and he hasn't given her a reason to doubt him yet. "I believe you. I was just saying."
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"I'd say I'm not so sure I believe that, but I think we'd just wind up talking ourselves in circles," Molly says, barely managing to stifle a laugh. "And I've definitely had too much to drink to make sense of that for much longer." It's a good thing. For the first time in a long time, she feels good, not just playing at it but genuinely so, warm and wanted, a familiarity in the best possible way. "So how far is it? What you're showing me."
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"Good," Molly replies, grinning up at him. It isn't that she's impatient, necessarily, or incapable of waiting. The walk hasn't really even been that long. Being with Chris, though, knowing he wants her, having something so warm and gloriously uncomplicated, that's something to hold on to. Besides, she can't pretend she isn't getting really fucking curious about whatever it is he's going to show her. "I have to say, whatever this is, you've really got me looking forward to it."
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It looks like just a regular hut from here, but Molly isn't about to argue. If Chris says this is something worth seeing, then she's willing to take his word for it, even if all he really means is that it's his bedroom or his ceiling or something. Even that, she thinks, would fit the same description. After all, she did suggest they leave the party for a reason.

"It is?" she asks, clearly pleased, grinning. "Good."
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Whatever Molly could have been expecting, it isn't this.

Anywhere else and a bunch of fish tanks — empty ones, no less — probably wouldn't have been so remarkable, easy enough to come by, fairly commonplace. Around here, though, is a different story. She's seen some strange things since she arrived, but this is something else, remarkable in how unusual it is, and how simple a thing it is, too, though she's well aware that a lot of work must have gone into setting it up. That part isn't really what matters now. The blue light illuminating the hut is practically magical, and it's because she's a little drunk, she knows it, but it nearly takes her breath away.

"It's beautiful," she says, tearing her gaze away from one of the tanks already filled with water to look at Chris again, smile startlingly genuine. "You really weren't kidding."
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"Yeah?" Molly asks with a grin, liking the idea of it too much to ask how he's going to get them. She doesn't know anything about fish, really; for all she knows, it could be as easy as anything, even just to find the sort he's looking for. Either way, there's something so simple about the pursuit of it that it's utterly refreshing, Chris and his fishtanks about as far from the politicians she's used to spending her time around as it's possible to get. Right now, it's exactly what she needs. She could kiss him for it, but she's not in that much of a hurry yet. "I bet that'll be gorgeous."
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"You are so full of shit," Molly says with a laugh, shaking her head, though it's all warm, easy. She doesn't believe him for a second, but then, she doesn't know if she's even meant to, anyway. It would be a pretty impressive skill if he could, of course, but she was going to sleep with him before catching sharks even entered the equation at all.

Leaning in closer, she looks away from the empty tank to smile at him, one eyebrow raised. "So I take it we're staying here?"
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"Yeah," Molly says with a nod, not needing to stop and think about that to answer. "Definitely alright." She wasn't kidding when she said it was beautiful, the whole hut bathed in a soft blue glow like this, and she's never been overly picky about locations anyway. This is as good as anywhere else they could go, if not better.

Closing the distance between them, she kisses him again, though it's brief, her mouth curving into a smile against his when she draws back just enough to speak. "Even if you can't catch a shark with your bare hands."
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In a way, it's a relief. Gorgeous as the aquarium is, even devoid of water and fish to fill its tanks, this is much more familiar territory, a potent reminder that she actually knows what the fuck she's doing. When she's bee on such unsteady ground since she showed up here, she thinks she's needed something like this. Here, nothing else has to matter, not what she did before or what will happen after. There's just this, the two of them, and the heady if not unusual knowledge that she's wanted.

Pressing close, Molly leans into the kiss, lips parting against his. Right now, she really couldn't care less if he can catch a shark with his bare hands, anyway, when there are much better things he could be doing with his hands instead.
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It would be easy, Molly thinks, to run on autopilot, to stop thinking and let instinct take over, to treat this like something typical and ultimately meaningless. That, though, is just about the last thing she wants. Even if they never do this again — and she doesn't know Chris nearly well enough to know how this will play out, though that's not a bad thing — it's worth remembering, worth savoring. He's the first person she's been with since she showed up here, since the night Stephen answered her phone and everything went to hell. More than that, this is the first time she's felt like herself in even longer, and for that alone, this means a hell of a lot.

Eyes half-shut, she makes a soft sound against his mouth, one hand curled around his shoulder, the other splayed over his back. A kiss is just a kiss and she's had plenty of them, but it's still something in its own right, not to be disregarded.
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None of it is really all that unexpected, but that doesn't make Molly any less pleased to be going somewhere, her hand tightening briefly at his shoulder when her back hits glass. That she's used to being wanted is no reason for her to enjoy it any less, and right now, hazy from having had a few drinks and Chris being so close to her, it's more heady than ever, like it's the electricity coursing through her veins now that's brought her back to life and not just showing up here.

"You got a head start on the lack of clothes thing," she says, an exhale of a laugh against his mouth, teeth catching on his lower lip. Fingers trailing down his arm to where his hand is at her dress, she tugs at her own hem a moment later, eager to even the playing field a little. "I think we should do something about that."
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Lifting her arms over her head, Molly arches her back off the fish tank, making it easier for the dress to come off. The lack of it makes her now the completely underdressed one, but she finds it really fucking difficult to care at a time like this. It wasn't going to stay on anyway, and she definitely likes this better, the not wasting time. As soon as it's discarded, she's tugging him close again, lips parting as she kisses him hard.