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So, Chris likes snow just as much as the next person. He'd fucking loved it when it first showed up, because they never get this much in Bristol, and whenever they do, it's not like this at all. It goes along with all the other weird shit he's heard happens on the island, though Chris couldn't help but think that this particular weird bit is fucking magical.

Still, he's reached the point where he's pretty sure he's had too much of a good thing, because he'd only really been on the island a few weeks before everything changed around. What he really wants to do is swim in the ocean or check out the waterfall, or look for tropical fish, but that's all pretty impossible when it's just cold like... all the fucking time.

Chris is on his way to the compound to get out of the previously mentioned cold, muttering to himself about how ridiculous it is for people to get angry about him smoking indoors when everybody's indoors these days, when he sees it.

There in the middle of the boardwalk, just like it's meant to be there is a moose. A fucking moose just sort of standing there, looking at him like he's the one who's out of place.

Chris stares back, not quite sure what to do or whether or not he should even move.

He's never going to get used to how bloody fucking mental this place can be.
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Alexis was just about one of the few people Billy really spent time with lately, and even found himself trudging through the snow to visit. The snow wasn't so bad, when he reminded himself to enjoy it -- in New York, most snow was dirty sludge before he even made it to the sidewalk.

He'd tried taking the tiny train back, but it felt a little too silly to take all the way back to the compound. Maybe that had been a bad idea, because coming up to someone having a staring contest at a moose was just strange. And Billy was familiar was strange.

"This is happening, right?"
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"Yeah," Billy exhaled, stepping closer to get a good look, but still standing a few feet further back than the other kid. "I heard there were new animals and all,"
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"I don't know if moose eat people," Billy said, inching back when it snorted, "but you might wanna get away from it. Or try to make it go away."

He was pretty sure moose were vegetarians, but didn't know enough about them to decide one way or another. All Billy was sure of was that he didn't want to be trampled and/or eaten by a moose.
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Billy just watches from his safe distance, shoving his gloved hands further into the obnoxiously red coat he's wearing. (He'd felt a kinship with it for obvious reasons.)

"That's...probably not gonna work," he said, shifting his weight from foot to foot.
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Billy opens his mouth to refute that, but considering everything they do and don't know about the island, he can't, in good conscience, do so.

"Then...we should probably get out of here before it decides either way," he suggests, starting to back away.
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"How?" Billy asks, incredulous, voice going up half an octave. "It's not like we can magic a person out of being a moose, if that's even the case. What if it's just a moose and we're bothering it just by standing here?"
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"It probably has moose kids or something," Billy says, wondering how on Earth (or wherever they are) he's found himself a part of such a ridiculous conversation concerning the habits of a moose.

Granted, he'd probably talked about weirder things with Tommy or Teddy, but still. Still.

"Or it's looking for something to eat."
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"Exactly," Billy says. Might as well embrace the crazy.

When the kid starts rooting through his pockets, Billy tugs his own messenger bag off his shoulder and starts rooting through it, searching for any snacks he might have left. "I've got half a beef sandwich," he offers, holding it up. "Think that'll work?"
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Billy's frown at the joints turned into an incredulous look, and he lowered the hand holding out his half-a-sandwich. "Why do I have to do it? You're the one who's worried about the moose."
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With a glare, Billy slowly moves toward the moose, one hand holding out the sandwich. "This is a horrible idea," he mutters. "I'm going to end up one-handed by the end of the day."

When he's close enough to feel the moose breathing on his hand, he comes to a stop, still holding the sandwich out. The moose seems to sniff it, but Billy can't exactly be sure. All he knows is he's happy the moose seems to ignore him and the sandwich completely.
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"I could have told you that," Billy says, rolling his eyes. He puts the sandwich back in his bag as he backs away from the moose, keeping an eye on it for any sudden movements. "I guess it just wants to stand there."
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"It's a moose," Billy says, as though that makes any sense. "Maybe he's just fine standing there doing nothing."
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"Billy," he replies, shaking the offered hand. Talking about what a moose may or may not want made for a weird bonding session with someone. Though in Chris's defense, he was probably high or something. Billy was just...being himself.
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Billy frowns, not having thought that far ahead. "Yeah...maybe it just goes home, like we supposedly do."

If that was the case, there were some Whos having a crappy Christmas, and it wasn't even the Grinch's fault.
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"Only as inhumane as having us stuck here," Billy says with a shrug. Being a kid who grew up in New York, he hadn't really given much thought to animals in the past.